Agora Sant Cugat’s auditorium full to bursting in celebration of our musical talent

On 3 February Agora San Cugat’s auditorium was alive and kicking with the sounds of the VI Nace Music Festival, “All you need is Rock”. More than 250 students and teachers from NACE Schools across Spain and France gathered together at our school to participate in a varied and vibrant display of musical talent. Each school was invited to present two pieces and as a special treat we were also entertained by a Body Percussion piece prepared by Professor Santi Serra in the percussion workshop, which was a roaring success. The grand finale involved all 250 participants performing together in a final combined piece.

Each year the festival provides an opportunity for our students to meet up, play and perform with musicians from all over the Nace Schools group, and the standard of musicianship just seems to be getting higher and higher! The festival provides a great opportunity for our school communities, families and friends to join together and enjoy music of the highest standard. A wonderful time was had by all and we are already starting to plan next year’s festival – we’ll look forward to seeing you there!


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03 / 02 / 18