Summer at Stonar

Learning a language abroad is a great experience for personal growth. Stonar, part of the Globeducate group, is set in some wonderful surroundings very close to Bath and only 90 minutes from London. It offers comfortable residences for the students where they can enjoy all the common areas. The campus offers all types of facilities, such as sports centres and swimming pools, and technology classrooms and music studios.

In the mornings the pupils have English lessons, where they are with pupils from other countries and have to develop their conversational skills through dynamic activities which keep them active at all times. There are 15 hours of class a week, and at the end of the course pupils will be given a certificate.

As well as studying the language, in the afternoon the pupils’ day is completed with leisure activities such as tennis, horse riding, volleyball, badminton, football, swimming, painting, or drama, and in the evenings, there are other activities such as team competitions or karaoke. In addition, pupils are also given the chance to get to know the country better on outings to Cardiff Castle, Bristol, Oxford, London, and many other places.

The Stonar School summer camp is for children aged 10 to 16, and its aim is to ensure that they learn, improve, and practise English while they have fun with all the activities on offer.

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“The extracurricular activities at Stonar School are great. I have tried hockey for the first time and now I’m in the school team. I love it! At first it’s a bit difficult at the boarding school when they speak in English, but you get used to it straight away and the teachers are very attentive to us because there aren’t many of us in the class.”

Paula Sarasquete

Pupil at Agora Sant Cugat International School

“I like Stonar because everyone is really nice to us. The teachers are always making sure that we’re ok. We’re outside doing sport all day and the food is delicious.”

Clara Vernet

Pupil at Agora Sant Cugat International School

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