Summer at ICS London

The summer programmes at International Community School give students between the ages of 3 and 18 the chance to live and breath in English in the heart of London. The school has been teaching foreign chidren English since 1979 in accordance with International Baccalaureate guidelines, opening the doors to the world’s top universities.

Summers at ICS are not just about learning a language, the school has an international philosophy whereby collaboration is important and students gain self-confidence and acquire social skills alongside students from all over the world. Wherever they are from, they feel at home at ICS.

The summer courses at ICS are dynamic and theme-based, involving the students in culture, history and London and its surroundings. They use the latest technology in the classroom and the little ones learn English through fun activities such as music and dance.

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“Your school is comfortable, interesting, fancy, fun, intelligent, cute, cool with good teachers.”

Yu Li, 14 años

Secondary Student

“My child said that he liked British nursery more than back home :)”

Leopold, Francia

Primary parent

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