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A wide range of camps and services are on offer during the summer months for students from when they are aged one through to Baccalaureate: face-to-face camps with sports, science and technology, arts, learn by playing, Baby summer Fun or academic support, among others, and online camps such as free summer projects or discounted courses. Fill in the form for more information about the activities on offer, timetables and ages.

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Face-to-face camps

Agora Sant Cugat International School offers a wide variety of summer camps for students from the school and other centres, following a rigorous health protocol in accordance with current regulations.


Camps aimed at teaching sporting skills and values.


Science and Technology

Camps that awaken children’s creativity and interest in science.


Performing arts

The Dance in English camp, for boys and girls, is all games and choreographies.


Multi-games in English

Camps like Summer Fun or Baby Summer Fun with crafts, experiments, excursions and much more.


Cooking and healthy habits

Activities related to the pyramid of healthy eating, smart shopping, hygiene in the kitchen or protocol at the table. Yummy!


Academic Support

Re-take exam preparation lessons for going over or consolidating what has been learnt during the school year.


Online Summer Programme

In addition to face-to-face camps, the school offers a complete online summer program through the international Globeducate group to which it belongs, with free projects and discounted courses for students between 4 and 18 years old.

Free projects

Fun projects created by teachers from all the schools of the Globeducate international group, with video sessions so that students can develop them at their own pace. Each project provides approximately 30 hours of learning over 10 days and students can combine them according to their interests. In addition, students who graduate this summer can apply for one of 30 free places for online courses from the prestigious Blyth Academy.


Discounted courses

Specialized enrichment courses taught by external providers with unique discounts for school students, including creative coding courses, online language learning, courses for entrepreneurs or access to the children’s educational platform “Smile and Learn”, among others.


Summer online programme

Discover the free summer projects, developed by teachers from all the Globeducate schools around the world, and the courses with exclusive discounts for Agora Sant Cugat International School students.

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