Summer Camp & September Fun

We offer a wide variety of activities and services in School during the months of July and early September for students of all ages which include sports, technology, arts, dance, Baby Summer Fun, academic support etc.

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Face-to-face camps

Agora Sant Cugat International School offers a wide variety of summer camps for students from ASCIS and other schools that follow the rigorous health and safety protocols in accordance with current regulations.

September Fun

We offer a wide variety of activities from Monday 29th August to Friday 2nd September for students from 3 to 13 years of age including padel tennis, basketball, football, dance, Olympic sports and Introduction to Sport as well as fun activities for our youngest students.

ASC_September Fun


Camps aimed at learning skills and values ​​associated with practising different sports. Exercises, games, competitions and training sessions to enjoy a favourite sport e.g. padel tennis, basketball, football, tennis, volleyball with other leisure-sports activities and excursions, adapted to all ages and educational stages.



The Techno Summer Camp aims to awaken children’s creativity and scientific interest, it is a technological activity in which students imagine, design, build and programme through robotics, logic games, science activities, programming and gymkhanas or technology-based escape rooms.


Performing arts

The Dance Camp develops artistic creativity, improves basic skills and abilities through games and choreography. Students discover the origins of the different styles of modern dance and begin to learn about them.

With the face-to-face or online instrument lessons, students will be able to start or continue practising the instrument they have been playing for a long time. Individual lessons of any instrument accompanied by teachers from the Music Department to learn to enjoy studying an instrument.


Multi-Games and Language Immersion Options

Camps such as Junior Summer Fun or Baby Summer Fun with crafts, experiments, excursions and much more – a world of recreational, leisure and sports activities to make the most of summer. Linguistic immersion options in English or German through activities, workshops, group dynamics, sports and night games.


Camps to enjoy the sea and the mountains

In Fenals (Lloret de Mar), children can have fun at the seaside with different motor activities, a visit to the water park and games on the beach. In the mountains, they can enjoy adventure activities in La Molina (e.g. climbing, canoeing, mountain biking, zip line, archery, caving, orienteering etc.) or experience a unique mountain experience in Andorra, exploring resilience skills, teamwork, communication, mindfulness, orientation and learn time and emotions management.

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Cooking and Healthy Habits

A fun activity to savour summer like never before. As well as preparing different recipes from around the world and learning about various culinary techniques, students will carry out activities related to the healthy eating pyramid, smart shopping, kitchen hygiene or good table manners.


Academic Support

Face-to-face or online lessons to prepare for re-take exams or review and consolidate learning from the year. The activities will be organised in small groups, with individual reinforcement, coordination with the teachers responsible for each subject and with the possibility of combining this activity with other activities offered in School during the month of July.


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Aviso Legal