The pupils of Agora Sant Cugat International School are our reason for being. We strive to provide a quality education: academically so that the pupils achieve their professional goals, and; on a personal level so that the pupils grow and develop as people with skills adapted to today’s global and dynamic environment.

Human values are the mainstay of our education, with the will to instil a responsible and adult model of life into the pupils. They receive an education in values which is based on respect and tolerance, self-improvement, responsibility, and social commitment.

We choose our teachers with care, for their desire to teach and enthusiasm. Every pupil is unique and this is why we offer personalised attention with support programmes which boost motivation, stimulation, and self-improvement. We make each pupil the main player in this complex process of development.

The pupils are in an environment where importance is placed on being international and multilingual, which enables them to learn different languages and values and opens their minds to tolerance and respect. The study plan is backed up by sporting activities, music and art, giving the pupils an added value for their present and future.

In addition, we develop the pupils’ creativity from a young age, and at all educational stages. They learn to think independently with the help of the new technologies that are ever-present in modern-day society.


“A little worry, fading into the excitement of a first day which is different, new, and exciting. That’s how I felt when I set foot in the 1st Baccalaureate classroom for the first time. Since I was a new girl at the school, I considered that day as the beginning of a change of path, the start of a journey at that time unexplored, that of the International Baccalaureate. Now, at the beginning of the second term, I consider my experience at the school, and especially, what the international baccalaureate has offered me, as very enriching in so many ways. Not only in terms of academics, teaching me to develop my mind and inviting me to reflect on both academic aspects and those in our current society, but also on an individual level, making me grow as a person, encouraging the importance of human values.

Although I haven’t had many problems adapting, I am aware that this journey isn’t and will not be easy, it needs a lot of personal effort. But with my full dedication and perseverance, counting on the support of the teachers and the help and co-operation of my classmates, I believe it is possible to overcome any obstacle which may present itself. That’s why I encourage anyone considering studying this baccalaureate, since by working with enthusiasm, with excitement, and persistence, you reach the end of the journey with your objectives achieved.”

Jana Soler

1st Baccalaureate pupil

“Hello! My name is Bianca and I’m 12 years old. I’m a pupil at Agora Sant Cugat International School, and always, since the first day of school, I’ve loved it! It’s all really exciting!

In the transition from my old school to Agora, lots of positive changes happened, and all the teachers were really useful. I had problems getting used to the different division methods in maths, and my teacher showed me how to do it step by step until I managed to understand it. Also, there are lots of nice people and that means that you can end up having lots of friends to spend time with. There are lots of opportunities to do different things like joining the school band, learning languages, and even learning to cook. The school challenges you to bring out the best in yourself, and who doesn’t like a challenge?

I still remember my first day in 6th Primary. I was excited to be in a new school, but also a bit nervous. After they introduced me to everyone, I remember that I felt relieved when I discovered that everyone was super nice, supportive, and welcoming.

It really is a very good school, since it improves your knowledge, and throughout 6th Primary I improved my language skills and music skills a lot. In my class we went on really fun excursions and trips to the countryside. My favourites were the trips where we stayed to sleep – one in autumn and another in the summer. In my first year I made lots of new friends and learnt interesting things about the world.

What I like about ASCIS is that everyone cares about you and you make friends for life.”

Bianca Román

1st ESO pupil

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