The pupils are our main priority at Agora Sant Cugat International School. We provide a quality academic education and apply the same criteria of excellence to the personal education of our pupils. We focus on values such as respect, responsibility and commitment, while minding for each pupil’s needs and preferences so that he or she is the main player in this process of learning.

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At Agora Sant Cugat International School we believe the family is of the utmost importance in the learning process. This is why we ensure there is a constant relationship between the school, the students and the families, creating bonds and adapting our ways to the needs of each pupil. At the same time we work on values of responsible freedom, respect and commitment so that the pupils develop to their full potential.

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Our teaching staff receive on-going training and updates on the latest methodologies which they put into practice when developing and teaching our pupils. Debates, round tables, courses and training days make sure our teachers are motivated and efficient. We also have Learning Coaches available to help with the development of each teacher and with the Globeducate Platinum Standard programme, aimed at supporting the teachers and improving the quality of teaching.

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The ex-pupils of Agora Sant Cugat International School are an obvious example of the success attained after years of hard work, great effort and unyielding dedication. We are proud to see how our comprehensive preparation has successfully guided them towards their higher studies and professional careers and made them people who cherish values of respect, hard work and camaraderie.


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