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Agora Sant Cugat International School is a prestigious international school which has achieved educational excellence throughout its years of experience, during which it has stood out for its educational innovation, established itself as one of the top private schools in Spain and where each pupil is given individual attention and their specific needs are catered for.

Its international character is, fundamentally, due to its truly multilingual education, which offers English, Catalan, and Spanish as working languages, and introduces Mandarin Chinese, French, and German into the curriculum. The exchanges the school promotes, the journeys abroad and the participation in international events and activities ensure the school has a unmistakably international nature. It must be pointed out that the school is part of the prestigious Globeducate, which has over 55 schools in 9 countries making it very easy for them to take part in international events, exchanges and a myriad of global and multicultural experiences.

The school’s main objective is to offer pupils the tools to construct their own learning, and educate them in the values of respect and tolerance, self-improvement, responsibility, and social commitment. All this contributes to helping the pupils achieve their dreams, providing them with learning about life which will prepare them to live and work anywhere in the world.

The pupils’ education not only focuses on their academic development, but also on their personal development. Thus, their ethical awareness is brought alive through the discovery of values and the building of attitudes which stay with the students throughout their lives.

Letter from the Headmaster

Agora Sant Cugat International School’s active and demanding education aims for constant improvement and innovation while offering an education which is personalised for every pupil and need.

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The School's History

Over the years, the school’s philosophy has allowed it to achieve a level of educational excellence which has placed it among the top schools in Spain.

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Pupils, teachers and families are fundamental to the school’s educational approach, always with a common objective in mind: that the students achieve their full academic and personal development.

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Globeducate Group

Agora Sant Cugat International School is part of the renowned Globeducate group of schools, one of the top five education groups in the world, which has over 55 schools in 9 countries.

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All the latest information about the Agora Sant Cugat International School: news, appearances in the media and much more. A meeting point for teachers, pupils, families and those with a passion for education.

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