Sports Facilities

Football field

Padel tennis courts

Multi-purpose pitches

Psychomotor education rooms

Cross country and athletics

2 gyms

Shoot-ball court

Giant chess board

Multiuse court

Sport is a fundamental part of the children’s comprehensive education, and boosts their personal and intellectual development. Sporting activities help with their socialisation and become a fulfilling way to learn the different values inherent to sport, such as self-improvement, solidarity and camaraderie.

The school’s facilities take up 13 715 m2 which means that there is space for a wide range of sporting activities in some marvellous surroundings. All the spaces have the necessary equipment for each of the sports on offer, and are adapted to the needs of the pupils.

Agora Sant Cugat International School’s main objective is to encourage the pupils to acquire sporting habits, to accept the rules, and to learn the ins-and-outs of each sport. To sum up, we want to facilitate their sports education with the help of teachers who specialise in each of the different sports offered at the school.

Lastly, we also have agreements with outside facilities such as the CN Rubí swimming pool, where the pupils can swim and participate in competitions.


School sports facilities

  • A full-size artificial grass football pitch, (with two 7-a-side football pitches), covering an area of 3,825m2, ready for training and playing matches and tournaments. The ideal space for teamwork activities and to enjoy the outdoors.
  • Two latest-design padel tennis courts where the children can improve their co-ordination, flexibility, and reflexes.
  • 4 multi-purpose pitches, for different activities.
  • 3 psychomotor education rooms which foster the children’s control and awareness of their bodies.
  • A cross country and athletics track
  • 2 fully-equipped gyms
  • Shoot-ball courts
  • Giant chess board
  • Multiuse court

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