Agora Sant Cugat has the same score as the current leader of the PISA Report

Agora Sant Cugat International School has achieved excellent results in the PISA Tests (The Programme for International Student Assessment). The School has obtained a score well above the Spanish average, matching the result of Singapore, the leading country in the last PISA Report.

Until May 31st, Spanish schools are carrying out the official tests to update the next PISA Report that will be published in 2019. Schools have been chosen at random although they also have the option to volunteer in participating. The OECD Tests provide reliable and representative results of the level of 15-year-old students in an international context of more than 70 countries, which together make up nine-tenths of the world economy and measure academic performance in mathematics, science and reading.

Agora Sant Cugat International School has obtained an average of 552, the same as Singapore and much higher than the average of Spain (492). The results in reading were particularly significant (549), surpassing Singapore (535) and well above the Spanish average (496).

Congratulations to everyone involved and a huge thank you to the wonderful School community for making these results possible!


25 / 05 / 18