Agora Sant Cugat pupils present in Greece their 2-year project “ARCH: The Architecture of Society” thanks to a grant from Erasmus+

For the 4th time, Agora Sant Cugat International School has been awarded a grant from the European Erasmus+ programme (formerly known as “Comenius”). On this occasion, 5 girl 4th ESO pupils participated along with 5 other Secondary schools from 5 different countries in the project “ARCH: The Architecture of Society” which addresses themes such as Social Entrepreneurship and Social Inclusion with special attention to migrations.

Our 5 students travelled to Greece last week to present the latest developments in the project. This was also done in Ireland in October, will be done again in Romania in May and The Netherlands in September. In January 2020, the visit will be hosted by our school in Sant Cugat del Vallès and will culminate in Norway in the spring. At each of these visits, the students are responsible for explaining the work carried out in their respective schools.

We await further news about this very interesting international project. Go students!


Learn more about Erasmus+ in SEPIE website

Visit “ARCH: The Architecture of Society” project web page

30 / 01 / 19