National Baccalaureate

After finishing secondary, our students can go on to study the IB Diploma Programme, the Spanish Baccalaureate, or both. Whatever path they choose to follow, we make sure the students are ready for the next stage in their education. Both options can be studied either in Spain or abroad.

Our school offers the four branches of the Spanish Baccalaureate: humanities, social sciences, health sciences, and science-technology. The subjects the pupils study in each of the different branches have been chosen as the ones which offer access to the greatest number of degrees at Spanish and Catalan universities.

The preparation of our pupils is designed to help them obtain the best results in the Baccalaureate, and acquire the resources needed to move on to higher level studies with guaranteed success. For this reason, pupils have the opportunity to participate in different international projects (IMUN, GYLC, Globeducate Model United Nations), and they receive information and guidance about the main national and international universities and a chance to attend University Open Days and visits.

All of our pupils get into the degrees of their choice. Most get into their first choice, but those who don’t are successful with their second. In these cases, they study the degree they want, but at a different university.


“A little worry, fading into the excitement of a first day which is different, new, and exciting. That’s how I felt when I set foot in the 1st Baccalaureate classroom for the first time. Since I was a new girl at the school, I considered that day as the beginning of a change of path, the start of a journey at that time unexplored, that of the International Baccalaureate. Now, at the beginning of the second term, I consider my experience at the school, and especially, what the international baccalaureate has offered me, as very enriching in so many ways. Not only in terms of academics, teaching me to develop my mind and inviting me to reflect on both academic aspects and those in our current society, but also on an individual level, making me grow as a person, encouraging the importance of human values.

Although I haven’t had many problems adapting, I am aware that this journey isn’t and will not be easy, it needs a lot of personal effort. But with my full dedication and perseverance, counting on the support of the teachers and the help and co-operation of my classmates, I believe it is possible to overcome any obstacle which may present itself. That’s why I encourage anyone considering studying this baccalaureate, since by working with enthusiasm, with excitement, and persistence, you reach the end of the journey with your objectives achieved.”

Jana Soler

1st Baccalaureate pupil

“The Baccalaureate is the transition between the long school period and the university future. It is a moment which puts teachers and pupils to the test. For us, the teachers, it is the last challenge to get the very best from our pupils. For them, the pupils, it is a stage in which, at their own responsibility, they must make those decisions which will direct them towards university life.

For those of us who have had the honour to be founding teachers of the school, and therefore to have accompanied a great number of pupils on the home straight of their education, our greatest satisfaction resides in having collaborated in their academic growth, but especially, in their personal growth. Knowledge and values are united in our daily work to ensure that our pupils acquire a comprehensive education.”

Mercedes Marsal Fábregas

Baccalaureate Co-ordinator | Head of the Experimental Sciences Department

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