Music and Expression

150 students

pass the Liceu Conservatory Diploma

2 weekly hours of music

included in the curriculum

Singing Choir up to 6th grade of Primary

and dance school from the age of 3

1 Band, 1 Orchestra and 1 Choir

Music and Expressive Arts form an integral part of a child’s development and provide enormous cognitive and personal benefits, enhancing communication skills and building confidence and self-esteem. A broad musical education encourages our pupils to develop intrinsic skills such as the ability to work hard, concentrate, to be self-disciplined and to understand that improvement and excellence comes with practice, hard work and teamwork. At Agora Sant Cugat International School, the arts and music play a central role in the school’s curriculum, complemented by our association with the Liceu Music School and our characteristic Josep Carreras Auditorium, with seating for 380 people, an ideal place for all types of music activities, conferences, theatre performances, debates or educational events.

Our Music curriculum is designed to offer our students an active and engaging musical experience. A In addition to the official and obligatory curriculum, all our pupils learn to play at least one musical instrument (piano, violin, viola, violoncello, etc.), develop their vocal skills until 6th Primary and perform regularly in the different concerts which are programmed each year. They also have the opportunity to belong to the school orchestra or choir groups, since Agora Sant Cugat International School has a school band, an orchestra, and a choir. Within the curriculum, the pupils have 2 hours of music a week. From 1st Primary onwards the pupils play 1 string instrument, and in 3rd Primary they start with a wind instrument or continue with string.

Agora Sant Cugat International School is affiliated to the Liceu Music School in Barcelona and we have access to the Liceu’s resources, supplementing our own music programme with teaching materials and evaluation criteria shared with the Liceu. Thanks to this agreement, pupils get the chance to obtain the Liceu’s Elementary Diploma in Music and can continue studying with the Liceu to advanced level. The support provided by the Liceu Music School allows our students to play and sing at various events including performances at Barcelona’s Palau de la Música or in the Liceu’s main Auditorium.

We believe that creative and performing arts are fundamental to providing a broad and balanced education, enhancing intellectual capacity, encouraging children to think independently and helping them to explore their creativity, imagination, artistic sensibility and emotions. The school offers comprehensive programmes in the artistic, expressive and visual arts, including music, painting and drawing, helping our students to create, explore and innovate.

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