We prepare our students for an international future without limits or barriers. Our curriculum is multilingual, focussing on achieving complete fluency in English and official languages, and also offering Chinese, French and German at various stages of the curriculum. Lessons are equally delivered in our three core languages, English, Castellano and Catalan, at every stage of the curriculum.

Language immersion at Preschool stage is key to the early learning of any language. Our English Language Linguistic Immersion programme starts in the first stage of Preschool at 0-2 years, and at 3-5 years we introduce more vocabulary and oral comprehension in English as part of the pre reading preparation process, which is initiated in P4 and P5. From P4 until Year 4 of Primary school, our pupils study Mandarin Chinese, which can later be continued as an extracurricular activity, and in Year 5 of Primary school, pupils are offered the option of studying either French or German. The school is an authorised examinations centre for the Trinity College London and University of Cambridge English Language qualifications, the Goethe Institute for German, the Confucius Institute for Mandarin Chinese, and the “Diplôme d’études in langue française” (DELF) for French.

To complement our school-based language programme, students can enjoy a range of overseas exchanges and cultural visits in England, Wales, Ireland, France, Portugal, Austria, Norway and the USA. Students from all years are given the opportunity to participate in an exchange trip to any of these countries for a period of one month, one or two terms, or a full school year. Furthermore, all of our 5th Primary students spend one week on an exchange trip to Stonar School, a prestigious British college that is part of the Globeducate group, and all students over 10 years old are eligible to sign up for the summer camp abroad and the academic year abroad programmes for one or two terms, or a full school year. Additionally, every year the Globeducate group organises a series of sporting, academic and cultural events for the schools belonging to their extensive international network, bringing together students from all round the world.

Exchange programmes

Exchange programmes provide our pupils with a valuable linguistic and culturally enriching experience, promoting our international vision and our students’ academic mobility. Thanks to the international network of more than 50 schools and to our school’s international approach, our pupils are encouraged to participate in exchange programmes with some of the most prestigious school throughout the UK, France and the USA.

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Stonar School

International Events

Agora Sant Cugat International School participates in a comprehensive programme of international events and activities, enabling our pupils to improve their language skills and connect with students from other countries. The Globeducate Group organise a number of international events throughout the academic year, including conferences, academic, artistic or sporting competitions and an international music festival.

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