Agora Sant Cugat listed as the best private school in Barcelona and one of the top 10 schools in Spain.

The Spanish national newspaper El Mundo has published its 18th edition of “The Top 100 schools in Spain“. Agora Sant Cugat International School was ranked in ninth place with a total of 95 points out of 100, (96 being the highest point score achieved) classifying us as the best private school in Barcelona.

El Mundo’s list identifies the top 100 schools in Spain based upon an analysis of information collected from over a thousand educational establishments. The analysis examines 27 main criteria, grouped into three categories; Teaching Model, (including the extent of educational provision, student evaluation, price, etc.), Curriculum (languages offered, teaching staff, extra-curricular activities, etc.) and finally Resources, which provides an assessment of areas such as the number of students, computer equipment, transport, and so on.

The list is compiled in order to provide parents and guardians with a guide to the best schools in Spain, and to help families find the best education for their children in line with their particular needs and preferences. The list provides an impartial assessment of the most outstanding schools by province and ranked by score.


The Top 100 schools in Spain | El Mundo

09 / 03 / 17